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Rental Contract PDF

Cumberland Public Safety Union Hall has the following rules and regulations that must be adhered to at all times by all who rent/use the facility.

The Cumberland Public Safety Union Hall is rented to the person(s) whose signature(s) is(are) affixed hereon (renter), for the date and time specified, subject to the conditions as stated in this rental agreement. The desired rental date is not considered to be reserved for the event until the rental agreement has been signed by both parties, and the rental deposit received. If the event is canceled prior to 90 days of the date of the event, the full amount of the rental will be returned to the renter. If the event is canceled under 30 days of the event, the full amount will be forfeited.

Rental of the hall does not include the use of the kitchen and any dishwashing facilities. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE RENTER TO ENSURE THAT ANY ITEMS USED ARE CLEANED AND RETURNED TO PROPER STORAGE IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE EVENT. ALL TABLES USED FOR THE EVENT MUST BE WIPED OFF AND LEFT CLEAN AND ALL TRASH DEPOSITED IN THE SUPPLIED TRASH RECEPTACLES. All property of the renter, their guests, or any caterer hired for the event, which is brought into the hall must be removed from the hall immediately following the event. SEVEN CRAY STREET REALTY CORP. LLC. ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGE OR LOSS OF PROPERTY BELONGING TO THE RENTER, THEIR GUESTS, OR ANY CATERER HIRED FOR THE EVENT. The renter assumes responsibility for any and all damages to the hall or its fixtures, which occurs as a result of this event, and shall arrange for payment to repair said damages. The renter shall be responsible for the conduct of all persons attending the event. The renter will take immediate action to remedy any situation brought to their attention by an officer of the hall, bartender, or waitress. MINORS ARE FORBIDDEN TO CONSUME ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES IN THE HALL. DUE TO REQUIREMENTS AND REGULATIONS GOVERNING THE FACILITIES CLUB LICENSE ISSUED TO THE HALL, ABSOLUTELY NO BEER, WINE, CHAMPAGNE, OR ANY OTHER ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE MAY BE BROUGHT INTO THE HALL BY THE RENTER, THEIR GUESTS, OR ANY CATERER HIRED FOR THE EVENT. THE RENTER, THEIR GUESTS, AND ANY CATERER HIRED FOR THE EVENT MAY NOT TAKE ANY BEVERAGE OUT OF THE HALL, SINCE TO DO SO WILL PLACE THEM IN VIOLATION OF CUMBERLAND TOWN ORDINANCE, AND COULD RESULT IN A CITATION BEING ISSUED BY THE CUMBERLAND POLICE. DEPENDING ON THE TYPE OF EVENT (Dances/Concerts), A CUMBERLAND POLICE AND/OR FIREFIGHTER DETAIL MAY BE REQUIRED BY TOWN ORDINANCE AND/OR STATE LAW. DETAIL CHARGES ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE RENTER(S) AND ARE TO BE PAID DIRECTLY TO THE OFFICER/FIREFIGHTER AT THE END OF THE EVENT. Table covers are not supplied. If the hall is decorated for the event by or for the renter, no nails, tacks, or scotch tape will be used to affix said decorations. Only masking tape is acceptable for this purpose. DUE TO THE DIFFICULTY IN CLEANING UP SUCH ITEMS, NO CONFETTI OR RICE WILL BE THROWN OR USED AS TABLE DECORATIONS. Arrangements for decorating the hall prior to the event will be made with the management. The renter is responsible for the removal of any and all decorations immediately following the event.